Cause we believe
in a healthier Ethiopia.

Our goal is to improve medicine distribution and make a better future by working together to unleash its life-changing abilities.

We can provide quality healthcare for all Ethiopians, regardless of location and social status by collaborating with local communities and stakeholders. Our personalized services include medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling. Let’s join forces to improve the overall quality of life in Ethiopia and create a better future for everyone.

Meet us. You can rely on the following:

Our mission

At the heart of our mission is the desire to ensure that everyone in Ethiopia has access to quality healthcare and medications. We are passionate about promoting medicine distribution and improving healthcare through collaboration with various stakeholders and partners in the community. 

Our approach

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal by, among other things, raising sponsorship funds, financial resources, setting up projects that can provide financial support for medicine delivery in Ethiopia.The foundation has no profit motive and therefore does not aim to make profit.

Our team

We are thrilled to share the inspiring story of our foundation’s establishment. It was founded by  board members who share a deep connection to the people of Ethiopia, particularly those in Lalibela and Mekele. One of our board members was even born in Ethiopia and understands the vital importance of distributing medicine. 

Let's introduce our team:

Guus Smits


As chairman of this foundation, I’m grateful for the privilege of serving with dedication, passion, and focus. 

Our innovative programs, research, and outreach have a global impact, making a positive difference. We work with a talented team of volunteers, who share our vision and values, to build our legacy and pursue new opportunities.

Christina van Maarseveen


As a member of the team, I focus on increasing revenue through innovative fundraising strategies and community building. We take our responsibility to use funds wisely very seriously, and implement financial controls and measurement tools to maximize our impact. We remain committed to our mission and making a difference in the lives of those we serve.



I’m committed to enhancing professional network connections. By widening our networks, we’ll open doors to new opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration for impactful projects. I recognize the importance of local and international connections, and I’m determined to expand our reach in Europe, Ethiopia, and beyond.  Exciting journey!

Help us to improve a healthier live in Ethiopia.

Your support matters. By making a donation today, you can directly contribute to the distribution of medicines and transform lives in Ethiopia. Whether you choose to give a one-time gift or become a monthly donor, your generosity will be instrumental in our mission.